Smile Makeovers

If you are looking for options that can completely remake your smile and address a number of aesthetic dental imperfections, a Smile Makeover may be the ideal treatment for your goals. Smile Makeovers are completely customized procedures designed to address a number of concerns in combination. These procedures are meticulously and precisely designed utilizing the talents of our cosmetic dentists here at Thompson Center for Dentistry along with sophisticated technology that can create a detailed treatment plan to your specifications. With a Smile Makeover, you can resolve problems that may have caused you self-consciousness throughout your life, as well as issues that may have just come up over the past few years. The best part is: you and our cosmetic dentist will work hand-in-hand to develop a Smile Makeover treatment plan designed to fit your specific needs and goals with results that give you a beautiful, winning smile!

What is the smile analysis and design process?

To begin the Smile Makeover process, our dentist will create a comprehensive treatment plan. First, we will take digital x-rays and pictures of your teeth and gums from multiple angles. Then, we will use an advanced computer program to develop a full picture of what your smile can look like with specific treatment options. Once you see the potential results and approve the plan, we will create a scale wax-up of your teeth that can provide you with a fully realized model of how they can look once treatment is finished. Then, we will prepare your teeth and enter the “Provisionalization” stage. If you would like some changes or modifications to the overall result, they can still be made during this phase of the treatment process. Once you are happy with the overall design, we can begin the Smile Makeover procedure!

What are some of the Smile Makeover treatment options?

We offer an array of advanced treatments that can be part of a comprehensive, customized Smile Makeover. The links below will take you to detailed descriptions of some of the more popular options:

These are some of the most common options that can be included in a Smile Makeover, but they are by no means the only choices. Once our dentist has performed an oral evaluation and talked with you about your goals, treatment options that can be most ideal for your Smile Makeover will be suggested.

Are you considering a Smile Makeover? Please contact us today for more information on how we can renew your smile, or to schedule a consultation.